Sorry, but FinderCodes has been discontinued.
If you are currently a registered FinderCodes user, we will continue to support the system on your behalf.
We are no longer accepting new accounts, but we will create new accounts for special situations. Contact with your request.

I Found Something!

Contact the owner of the item you found by entering the code EXACTLY as it appears on the tag.

How It Works

Item Is Lost

The finder follows simple directions on the lost item’s tag to contact the owner. FinderCodes’ system is so fast the owner may still be near by.

Finder Contacts Owner

Each ID tag has a unique QR code that when used with our software allows a finder to instantly and anoymously contact the owner from either a smartphone or computer.

Item Is Returned

FinderCodes facilitates the return by allowing a finder to share their location and contact the owner directly and anonymously. Finder and owner can agree to meet in person.


Get Your Stuff Back Fast!

Better Lost & Found System

  • Fast! Receive instant alerts the moment your item’s tag has been scanned. Drop your keys? With FinderCodes, chances are someone will find them before you even know they’re gone!
  • Safe. Two-way anonymous text and email messages. Your identity is protected!
  • Convenient. Built-in GPS makes returns a snap, especially if you’re still in the area.
  • Continuous protection. Once registered, FinderCode tags are always active.
  • Reliable. No need to change tags if you move or change phone numbers. Unlike traditional tags, FinderCode tags never become obsolete.
  • Affordable. No monthly fees or subscriptions!
  • Rewards. You can add or increase a reward at any time and pay it in a few easy clicks with PayPal™. In addition, FinderCodes also rewards finders for their good deed!



FinderCodes is a lost and found system created to help reconnect people with their favorite things.

By using scannable QR codes and our own patent-pending system, FinderCode Smart Tags enable the finder of a lost item to instantly and anonymously contact the item’s owner. Our system works for anyone with a smartphone or an internet connection.

FinderCode Smart Tags are durable identification tags that use QR codes and our patent-pending system to anonymously link an item with its owner. By scanning the smart tag’s code, or entering it online, a finder of a lost item can instantly and anonymously contact the item’s owner to coordinate the item’s return.

FinderCode Smart Tags are available in key-ring, adhesive, cord-sleeve, and iron-on formats.

FinderCode Smart Tags attach to almost anything you want to safeguard, including pets, electronics, sports equipment, even clothing. Simply create an account with us, register each code, and then attach the tags to your designated items. To set up your account, you can either use the FinderCodes app (available for free in the Apple App Store, Google Play, or the Amazon App Store) or you can go to our website,

FinderCode Smart Tags are durable ID tags that each contain a unique QR code. With a FinderCodes account, you assign the code on each of your smart tags to items you’d like to protect—for example, your tablet computer, downhill skis, or even your pet. You choose how a finder can contact you (e.g., text, email, and/or phone*) and enter an optional reward amount. You can also write a message for the finder in your own words, include specific details such as your pet’s food, or upload a photo of your pet or item. When a finder scans the tag, or enters it online, they are shown your contact options, the reward amount, and any other information you’ve opted to show them. At the same time, you are sent an email and/or text message from FinderCodes notifying you that your tag was scanned. The message you receive will also contain a map of the finder's approximate location, if available. You and the finder can then coordinate the item’s return.

*Note that email and text messaging are done anonymously through FinderCodes, so your contact information is not exposed. Phone calling is not anonymous at this time.

Unlike traditional identification tags, our smart tags:

  • allow you to keep your name, phone number, and address confidential
  • protect owner's and finder's identities by providing anonymous text and email messaging
  • can be easily updated so they are never obsolete
  • are GPS-enabled to show an item's location when the tag is scanned to help coordinate its return
  • instantly notify the finder of a reward
  • enable you to personalize a message to the finder and include detailed information about your lost pet or item
  • provide a quick and easy Re-Turnit™ shipping option using FedEx Office®

You’ve probably seen them cropping up everywhere—on posters, mailers, even grocery items—those little black and white boxes filled with a jumble of horizontal and vertical lines and squares. Dubbed “Quick Response,” or QR codes, these codes are similar to UPC barcodes but are more powerful and versatile. QR Codes can be easily read by a smartphone (scanner app and working camera required) and can direct a device to connect to a website, make a call, or send a text or email.

If you can access with a web browser, you should be able to use the FinderCodes system.

You can specify a reward amount when you register a new code or display a code’s details in the Codes menu. Simply enter the reward amount you want to offer in the Reward field and check the box to indicate your agreement to pay a reward.

You will be notified as soon as a finder scans or enters the code from your item’s FinderCode tag. The person who found your item will then be able to contact you.


A finder will be able to see the phone number(s) you’ve elected to make available for phone calls, the reward you've offered (if any), and any Code Details you've elected to display to the finder.

A finder will not see your name, email address, text messaging phone numbers, or any phone numbers or Code Details you elect to keep private.

You will not see a finder’s contact information if you communicate via FinderCodes’ anonymous email or text messaging.

You may see a finder’s phone number if they call you and you have Caller ID.

If the finder’s device supports it and the finder allows it, FinderCodes will send you a link to a map of the finder’s approximate location at the time they scanned the tag.

Text and email messages sent through FinderCodes will appear to be from FinderCodes; the owner will not see your phone number or email address in these cases.

If you call the owner, and the owner has Caller ID, then the owner may see your phone number.

If your device supports it, your approximate GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinates will be sent to the owner along with a link to a map showing your approximate location.

This may help to arrange a meeting place, but be aware that coordinates are not always accurate and may be off by several blocks.

FinderCodes values the privacy of all finders and owners and will not share your contact information.

About Us

Reinventing Lost and Found. Founded in 2011, FinderCodes is an intuitive yet sophisticated lost and found system that uses QR-encoded smart tags and cloud-based tracking to facilitate a fast and secure return of almost any item, including pets.

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